"Kingdom Hearts" character Sora is seen in a still shot of the video game, which was released in January. (Image courtesy of Kingdom Hearts)
Carson High School

Third video game in ‘Kingdom Hearts’ trilogy blends Final Fantasy and Disney

“Kingdom Hearts” is a video game trilogy that started back in 2002 and just came out with its new game recently. This new game came out on Jan. 25 and is available for Xbox one and PS4. Kingdom Hearts fans are very excited to play this new game because they have waited a long time for its arrival.

Kingdom Hearts is a very complicated and whimsical action RPG series that concludes the main story with the characters Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy and other friends as they fight against the evil organization XII and the swarming blight known as “the heartless.”

This game blends with Final Fantasy’s art style with Disney’s cartoon worlds. You’ll get to visit the settings from the movies like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean, and you’ll get the help of Simba, Beast, and Captain Jack Sparrow and many other Disney characters. There are a decent amount of KH fans here at Carson High School.

“I’ve played all of them and its one of my favorite gaming series as a child. I like the new game and I would recommend it to people who’ve played the series before because the story is really confusing,” Matthew Sigua, a senior in Carson High School’s Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology program.

Ashley Ponce de Leon, a senior at Carson High School, also expressed love for Kingdom Hearts.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for the third one, so I feel like that build up of just waiting for the third one automatically makes me feel like it’s amazing. Plus, I’m a big Disney fan so it just adds to my excitement,” Ponce de Leon said.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was the best-selling PS4 game in the PlayStation store in January, according to ComicBook.com.