(Image courtesy of Remezcla)
Carson High School

Latino Heritage Month: celebrating culture

National Latino Heritage Month, celebrated from September 15 to October 15, is a time to appreciate culture and learn more about where you come from.

It should also be a time to engage each other. Celebrating as a joined community can bring people together and strengthen relationships.

“I celebrate Latino Heritage Month every day. I celebrate it by feeling proud of being Mexican, speaking Spanish, wearing accessories and clothing that represent my culture, and teaching the Spanish language at work,” Carson High School Spanish teacher Ms. González said.

Culture is shown every day and can completely shape a person. It can be found in the little things as well. It is sometimes unexpected, but there is solace in it nonetheless.

“I also celebrate it when I encourage my Latino students to feel proud of their heritage and when I teach the non-Latino students about the culture and traditions in order for them to understand it and connect it with their own culture,” González said.

Culture is embedded within everyone. It makes people distinct, yet unifies everyone when bonding over similarities.

“I always feel connected to my culture — it’s like it’s with me at all times. It’s comforting in a way,” sophomore Angel Fuentes said.

Acknowledging and embracing a culture can go beyond a few weeks out of the year, it can go on throughout an entire lifetime. Appreciation goes a long way, so handle cultures without bias and live on in unity.