Carson High School

Lead like Yara — Actress and activist

Yara Shahidi is a 17-year-old Minneapolis native who is creating voice for minorities on and off television. Transitioning from an actress on the hit television show “Black-ish” to an activist, Shahidi is a true leader for the Millennials.

This year, Shahidi’s spin-off show ‘Grownish’ debuted January 3 on Freeform. Millions of viewers across the nation all agreed that this show is like ‘A Different World’ for the newer generation. Displaying the life of a freshmen in college, Shahidi’s character Zoey is one that girls all over can relate to.

Outside of her Hollywood life, Shahidi is also an activist and advocate for women of color. She recently signed to a modeling agency (New York’s Women Management) with hopes of opening doors and providing platforms to see more women of color in diverse roles.

“She [Yara Shahidi] is all about women’s rights, African American [being seen] in the media and in politics,” senior Maya Wedgeworth said.

Last year, Shahidi was a key speaker at Glamour’s International Day of the Girl rally in New York City.

While speaking at the seminar, Shahidi dropped a few gems on the young girls, stating “To be a girl, is to be born into an inevitably everlasting community.”

Being that she is an advocate for women empowerment, Shahidi made sure these young ladies knew how amazing it is to be a woman, and how much of a change they can make on the world.

From creating a show so relatable for the younger generations to making impacts on the lives of young girls, Yara Shahidi is an amazing leader on and off the screen, and an inspiration to many teens her age.