Carson High School

Making a difference at Carson High School

Carson High School alumna and current English Teacher Mrs. Cave, is the current advisor for The Young Black Scholars (YBS) Club. The club is to help promote academic excellence for all students, but particularly it helps support African American students on campus for helping them attain their goals. The club meets every Monday and discuss things like financial aid, scholarships, and how to get support on getting ready for college.

Nichole DeLoach, a senior from Environmental Science Engineering and Technology academy, is the current YBS President and encourages many other people to join the club.

“People can broaden their minds of where they want to go to school and what it [college] is like,” DeLoach said.

Every so often the club has special guest speakers that share their own perspective on how life is after high school. The most recent YBS speakers were Carson Alumni, Christopher Hicks and Deandre Davison, who came back to Carson to not only talk about what life is like after high school, but also promote their new organization called “Support The Homeless.”

“Support The Homeless is where we want to reimagine community, and be able to give back to the community through unique efforts,” Hicks said.

Davison and Hicks are both graduates from the class of 2005. Hicks went onto UC Berkeley and Davison skipped college and worked with for the government. Both guest speakers partnered with Adidas and provided all members of the club backpacks.

Even though the club is called Young Black Scholars, Mrs. Cave encourages everyone to come out and be part of this wonderful programs. Black Student organizations are really important in many high schools for the fact that, many black teens including me, feel like we don’t want to do many things, and organizations like YBS encourages many teens to be themselves.