(Photo courtesy of Joseph King / Long Beach State University)
Carson High School

Meet Jordan Molina, two-time national volleyball champion and Carson alumnus

Jordan Molina is a 23-year-old volleyball player, a two-time national champion at CSU Long Beach, a state champion at Long Beach City College, and was a Division 1 champion at Carson High School.

Molina has played on a club team with Huntington Beach Volleyball, to high school teams, then to playing at the college level. Molina said he’s proud to be part of a great community at CSU Long Beach.

“The LB nation has shown its love for myself as well as my teammates through a journey of becoming national champions. It took a lot of hard work to get to where I am today, but I would say to never be content with where you are at,” Molina said. “If you can always stay hungry and continue to work hard, then the results won’t matter anymore. Sure it is nice, but if you can continue to grow in your craft, and as a human being, showing that can you become truly successful.”

Ralph Mertens, volleyball coach and teacher in the Academies of Education and Empowerment, said Molina was “Player of the Year” while he was at Carson High School and “Most Outstanding Player” when he won the state championship at LBCC at the national and Division 1 level.

“He’s an intense competitor, he hates to lose, and he’s fearless. It’s phenomenal,” Mertens said. “At the National and Division 1 level. I’m proud of him!”

Molina ended his 2018 season with a total of 193 digs and seven 10-dig showings.

He also led the Vikings to the state title back in 2016, with a total of 28 digs in a five set semifinal match against Golden West College, and an additional 14 against Orange Coast. The Vikings ended the season with a 21-2 overall record. Molina was named CCCAA Men’s Volleyball State Champion MVP.

“What makes it more special is that he comes back to help the team,” Mertens said. “He volunteers his time to come back and practice with the team, and talk to the players. He’s just an amazing guy that never forgot where he came from.”