Phenix Gauthier is a rapper, a Carson High School senior and Associated Student Body President. (Photo courtesy of Phenix Gauthier)
Carson High School

Meet up-and-coming Carson artist Phenix Gauthier

“Gooooood morning, Carson Colts!” is the familiar and energetic voice Carson students hear every day as we wait for the school day to end and 3:10 p.m. to come.

Many students recognize Phenix Gauthier, the person behind the intercom, as very approachable, funny and involved in several school activities including her role as Associated Student Body President.

As the Carson senior is also a part of school theatre shows and events, you wouldn’t think she could have anything else on her plate, but she has yet to show what she can’t do.

Gauthier has started, among other things, to mix and create her own music. Many of her friends who have heard her music also thinks that her sense of humor and her rhymes makes her music fun to listen to and will leave a good impression on people who don’t know her.

”People will like her because she is down to earth, funny, and genuine,” Carson senior Nubia Brooks said.

If you’ve never met Gauthier, you could already get a sense of who she is based on her active presence in campus life.

Carson senior Brooklyn Jones shared her thoughts on why Gauthier’s music is enjoyable.

“It always has a certain rhyme, and it’ll be rhymes that you wouldn’t think go together, but it sounds really good,” Jones said.

Rhyming might not come as an easy task for some — as we can see, some rappers can’t even seem to rhyme some of the simplest things together or they reuse material — but Phenix Gauthier is potentially on a Kendrick Lamar or J Cole skill level.

Music is nothing new to her though. Gauthier actually started performing in her sophomore year for the 2018 graduating senior class. After that, it just came natural and she began doing it for projects for her classes and the feedback she received kept her going over the years.

“Music is really a strong hobby, so whatever happens with it happens. I’m just gonna keep doing it regardless. It’s kind of a stress reliever for me so I just hope to make more songs and hopefully people will like ’em,” Gauthier said.

Gauthier has a new song called “Our Ocean” and a YouTube channel entitled FunWithPhenix.