Carson High School

Movie Review: First They Killed My Father

“First They Killed My Father” is a movie directed by Angelina Jolie about a harsh time in Cambodia. Pol Pot was a Cambodian man who brainwashed the whole country. People thought his motives were for the greater good. In reality, he wanted power and money. He led an army which resulted in a revolution called the Khmer Rouge. They killed innocent people all over Cambodia.

This movie is about what this young girl experienced during this time. She tells her story and acts out what happened to her. It was horrifying to watch what she’s been through, especially as a child. Her father was a government official, which meant they were very wealthy in Cambodia.

So when Pol Pot’s army raided Cambodia, they were stripped away from everything they had. Including their lives. They traveled many miles to camps where they were forced to work as slaves. Not following the rules was an instant death wish.

This movie put out a perspective on one person’s side of the story, which was this young girl. In the movie, she plays the mom. It was intense to watch how real she felt about the situation as if she was living the moment again. I would honestly say that this movie deserves a lot more than it is credited for.

“It was a sensitive way of what really happened to the people. Families were lost, torn apart, and even executed. Then reunited again. The way the message was conveyed was good,” Mr. Chai, GBLG Counselor said.

Mr. Chai’s family, along with mine, have been affected by this outrage that happened in Cambodia. Not just us, but many people as well. Most of them were fortunate enough to escape it and move to the U.S., while some people were not as fortunate. This movie will forever tell apart from someone’s story that will live with them forever.