Carson High School recently brought in new desks that seat two students. (Image courtesy of High School Insider)
Carson High School

New desks impact the classroom experience

Carson High School upgraded the desks in a few of their classrooms last December. Single desks were replaced with the new two-student desks with independent chairs. 

“I love them!” Carson junior Alesi Garcia said. “The hooks on the sides are so useful, I was tired of hanging my bag on the side of the chair, and the option of using the hooks is a good alternative.”

The chairs seem to be the biggest upgrade with these new desks. The freedom granted by being able to move the chairs independently from the desks allow students to sit in whichever position they find most comfortable, helping them focus more on their work.

“With the new chairs you can actually move around, and they have good back support. Plus with the old desks, they were designed for right handed people, making it harder for left-handed people to write,” Dwayne Barrow said.

However, while the desks have mostly positive reviews, there are a few downsides to them, with the major one being their size.

“The desks are uncomfortable for tall people like me, and I think that the desks are the ugliest things I’ve seen,” Carson freshman Jeremiah Moore said.

Freshman Jaysen Rodriguez weighed in.

“I really like the chairs, but the desks are kind of small, I feel like it only fits two people if they both are small,” Rodriguez said.

Carson High School teacher Mark Elmore shared his thoughts on the desks.

“Just like everything, there’s a good and bad side. While the desks add more room to the classroom, they take from the students’ personal space,” Elmore said.