(Image courtesy of High School Insider)
Carson High School

Opinion: Carson lacks school spirit

What happened to the school spirit? Where has the school spirit gone? Why doesn’t anyone participate anymore?

It seems like the spirit at Carson High School has decreased substantially. School participation can have a big impact on the school and if nobody is participating, it can make the school spirit boring. When it comes down to the pep rally, nobody really pays attention to it or shows support to what’s on the quad, which has been boring for the presenters with not so much engagement from the students.

When it came down to spirit week not so many students participated in dressing to a certain theme each day. Some students say it’s the theme of the activities, and some say it’s not so fun or relatable to all students to dress up or have anything for that theme.

The spirit has been down on the Carson High campus but up at the Academy of Medical Arts and Academy of Education and Empowerment. Their activities have more participants in activities so the more they have them the more students they will have participating which makes it more fun.

“I feel like the school spirit is very overwhelming,” AEE senior Kait Williams said. “It’s always fun to participate and to see the students and staff show school spirit when it’s not needed. I think it can get better in being more schoolwide school spirit”

However, some students have contrasting views about the participation of students in the school spirit.

“I definitely think our school spirit has improved compared to the other years in AMA,” junior Shekina Villacrucs said. “Our leadership plays a big role in how much spirit our school has because the work we put in reflects on how pumped the students get for school events and activities but it can be better.”

With no school spirit, it makes everything boring for the rest of us that does have the spirit. The school needs to do more themes and activities that all students would participate in. By students voting on ideas, it may increase students preparing for it and also participating in the activities.

“The student’s school spirit is pretty low on Carson’s campus, I believe that kids think it’s like a loser thing to show school spirit which is why ours is inadequate. The school spirit could be 10 times better if kids would voice their opinions on activities and events they would want to participate in,“ senior Chai Howard said.

It’s not easy to get students involved and wanting to show school spirit and support for their school. The school spirit as a whole is very divided among the academies. Let’s show more support and participate.