Carson High School

Opinion: Carson’s Trailblazer podcast aims to spark student interest in journalism

Carson High School is coming out with a new Trailblazer Podcast. This will be a new way for the Carson complex to get their latest school and worldwide news. It will cover a variety of topics and make the trailblazer even more exciting. The plan is to get more students interested and involved in the Trailblazer. 

“The Trailblazer is limited to what’s on the page, but in a podcast you can explore more aspects than you could, say in a written article,” said CHS New Media and Photography teacher Ralph Watkins.

Right now they are setting up the filming location, getting the microphones and adding a green screen. Watkins said that he thought that in a podcast, students would have more freedom and levity to talk about whatever they’d like to.

“Some kids don’t like the newspaper. Some [students] learn better visually or by listening than just reading. It’s going to be real, raw, and authentic,” said Carson senior Jonathan Maduike. “You’re going to hear about what’s going on in school, the entertainment world, sports… it’s going to be raw.” 

This podcast aims to benefit students who enjoy listening about news rather than reading.

“I’m excited to see what this podcast will bring to the table. I enjoy listening to podcasts already so the fact that Carson will have one is really cool. I’m excited,” junior Diamond Young said. 

With the effort being put in, the Trailblazer to impress all of the Carson Complex. Be sure to tune in to the new Trailblazer podcast at