Carson High School

Opinion: Customer service workers should be treated with respect

People who work in customer service have surely dealt or will deal with rude and unpleasantly rough customers. Although not every customer acts in this manner, people should consider the hardships of such employees and give them recognition.

It is understood that often times, a distressed customer is upset about how an employee handles a situation — what is said, what is done, how it’s done, etc. But no matter the reason, they should not be treated rudely. After all, they’re only human. Many people work customer service jobs, and half of the time the media and other outlets try to cover it up and hide the fact that this is injustice.   

“I like my job but the rude customers make it difficult sometimes,” Academy of Education and Empowerment senior, Estela Hernandez said. “One time I was working night shift and this older man wanted a refill of his coffee and I was willing to give him a refill for free but the way he responded I did not want to deal with him anymore.”

Another senior at Carson High School, Brady Richardson, recalled a time a customer was angry with him at work.

“One time I had got this customer’s order wrong and they yelled at me, but my badge clearly said that I am in training, but she did not care,” Richardson said.

Asha Jatan, a Carson High School Senior, said her job is fun aside from dealing with upset customers.

“Being new to my job, yes, it is fun because I am making my coins, but these customers [are] getting a little bit out of proportion with their attitudes,” Jatan said. “This one lady had got upset because she couldn’t get any extra marinara sauce for free I was like girl its 25 cents for extra sauce stop playing with me.”