Carson High School

Opinion: Despite forfeit, Carson basketball senior night was special for players

Carson Colts basketball team held their Senior Night on Feb. 3 to honor their senior players. A special night for the upperclassmen, considering the work put in for their last year. 

Carson High School sophomore Darryle Macklemore holds senior night as high importance. “Senior Night is important because it honors all the seniors we played and grew up with,” Macklemore said.

This indicates the respect the players have for the seniors. The players that are underclassmen such as Macklemore, look up to these seniors as they excel on the court and in academics.

Basketball head coach Kevin Shaw defines the meaning of senior night and how surreal it is from the journey from freshman to senior year. “You see the kids grow from scrawny little 9th grade boys to developing into young men and it’s important to acknowledge the growth of maturity,” Shaw said.

Four years is a long time and to stick with it is a rough journey, and a lot of times success isn’t given. The fact that these players persevered for four years is a good reason to commemorate them to the fullest. To show that commitment is something important and that’s a life lesson that needs to be recognized.

Senior Night has a high expectation to have a good and fun time as the seniors are being recognized.

Seniors Elia Mageo and Reggie Johnson are highly respected and are known as the leaders of the Colt team.

Junior Tyler Osborn played alongside with the seniors that night. “The game was energetic, especially when the seniors made plays — the crowd loved it. Senior brings everybody together as they acknowledge the seniors with each other,” Osborn said. 

Carson Colts lost by forfeit due to having ineligible players. Despite the forceful loss, Carson defeated San Pedro 68-45. They might have taken away their win, but the seniors and the rest of the Carson Colts Basketball team played an outstanding game and they should be proud of it.