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Opinion: Educational Talent Search program at Carson High School

(Image courtesy of Cal State Long Beach Educational Talent Search)

The Educational Talent Search is a program at Carson High School that helps students with college exploration and planning, academic advising on A-G requirements and college applications.

Located in CHS’ college center, the program also financial aid assistance and help with college visiting and scholarship searches. The problem is that many students are not taking advantage of the program at CHS. 

“The ETS program is important to me because it focuses on our range opportunities for students that are still in high school and I think that college readiness is really, really important especially in communities where sometimes students don’t really have that person to look up to that went to school I know in my case that was the situation I never really had someone to look up to look up to and be interested in higher education,“ said Jocelyn Martinez, a worker in the ETS program. 

Martinez shared her goal for the ETS program Martinez.

“My goal is to get as many students as I can in here. I work for ETS, but I want to help all students that may have any questions. I’m really willing to share my experience with every student that comes in here or is curious about what I went through in college or what college was like for me or the resources that were available for me, just want to give more options information to students,” Martinez said. 

As a student in the ETS program, it helps get you ready and get information about your options for college. I wasn’t always sure about what was needed or my options, until I joined the educational talent search program. It just all about helping and preparing you for college and making sure you know what you need for classes or acceptance. Which is a good opportunity and i’m glad the took opportunity was given to me. 

The ETS program really help high schools and the students with college planning and everything that deals with colleges. Other school other than Carson are also taking advantage of this opportunity. Students have gotten scholarship and extra planning and also visits from being in the program.

The selective 13 high schools are lucky to have this program at there school. The opportunity and program is best for students planning for college and might need a little pushing or information about their options. I encourage all Carson students to please take advantage of the program!

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