Carson High School

Opinion: How to relieve stress every day

Many people try their hardest to find a way to relieve stress. Most of the time, it can be hard or complicated to release the stress inside. What many people don’t know is that there are so many options to relieve stress, especially if the stress does not want to be released with anger.

Usually people just hold their stress in and just stay stressful all the time even when it’s not good for them. They just can’t find the solution to cure the stress or don’t have the time to even think about it.

There are many different ways to relieve stress such as drawing, dancing, sleeping, listening to music, spending time with yourself, and many more. Others may disagree and think that those things may not work because they are everyday things that people do. But what people do not realize is that all those things have something unique to them.

When you try them out and just to calm down you relax and you mind goes into another dimension. Your mind takes a turn and think about the impossible. Whatever stressful thing is there will soon end up fading away because you mind is letting the calmer and positive acts take action with the body.

Stressing isn’t good for anyone and can do harm to a person’s body but letting the stress go will relax the body. Having a relaxed body is always best instead of stressing.

Drawing will always show a person how creative they are and their mind will always turn the right direction. Dancing can always show another side of a person no matter what type of dance it is. Sleeping always shuts the body and let the dreams take control of the sleeping mind which will always be a help. Listening to music can sooth a person’s mind at all times. Spending time with yourself will always calm a person’s body no matter what they go through because being alone is better.