Carson High School

Opinion: Let’s talk about the N word

Fellow students of Carson High School complex, did you know that the use of the N**** word is offensive and morally an unjust way you should define yourself or anyone else?

People of non-African roots or background use this word to put people down just so they can feel better than that person that finds the word offensive. Some people use the word just because they hear someone else say it and they think it’s ok for them to say it. They might often hear it in song lyrics and say the word just because it’s in the song. But what people need to understand is that if you know better, do better.

Black people from all over the world need to address the issue and stand up for themselves because if we can not love one another, no one else will. People are going to talk about you and make you feel like an outcast. But what you have to understand is that you were made to be different, sculpted by the hands of the almighty. When you walk in the room and you feel like everyone is staring at you? They stare at you because you are kings and queens in the making. Be proud of where you come from and own it.

Cameron Willis is a junior at Carson High School. She finds the N word to be provocative.

“When I walk (in) the hallways I often hear people use the word and I want to slap them,” said Willis.

Why are people feeling this way? Should parents sue the school? Those are all good questions but why should we even be worried about what ignorant people say or do. We should be worried about why our young black men and women being killed by our so called police that are suppose to protect us.

And why are black people being sold into slavery in Libya its 2018. What we need to do as a group is that we need to stop talking about each other and build foundations and relationships with one another.

People need to understand that the word is used by black people because don’t let anyone degrade your value or worth in anyway.

Ariana Houston is a junior at Carson High School. She was first called a “N*****” when she was 12 and was at a grocery store with her mom and older brother.

“Why should I be defined by the color of my skin and the texture of my hair it’s not my fault that i was born this beautiful. I’m not saying that you should not look past the color of my skin and the course of my hair because its who I am but it should not be a problem to you?” Houston said.

Academy of Medical Arts, junior Julianne Austria feels the same way about the word.

“People should not use the word in general because it was used by white people back in the day to degrade black people from everyone else,” she said.