Carson High School

Opinion: New Potential Abortion Bill

Abortion has always been and continues to be a very sensitive subject; now more than ever. The pro-life/pro-choice debate is one that really everyone has heard of. However, recently there has been talk of a new abortion bill, and this one is definitely on the wild side: the proposition that abortions may be legal up until nine months into a pregnancy. Women of course, are entitled to do what they please with their bodies, but is a nine month abortion simply too late?

“I am pro-choice because I genuinely believe that women should have a right to do what they want with their own bodies. But I also think that if you’re going to have an abortion, you should make and act on that decision as soon as possible,” Carson High School junior Mia Molina said. “Even though I am pro-choice, an abortion at nine months seems illogical and inhumane.”

Molina’s views on abortion are those that many females also share. If the woman is the one who is physically carrying and birthing the child, anything to do with the pregnancy is entirely her decision.

The late termination of pregnancies is nothing new, and highly controversial. This is due to the fact that it results in the removal of a fetus that is more developed and in some cases, may even be able to survive independently. This also happens to be the general argument many pro-lifers pose.

A Carson Complex student who asked to remain anonymous shared their own personal experience with this topic, and why they are currently pro-choice.

“My opinion [on abortion] can come off as being very strong, but it’s because of how I was first introduced to abortion. I attended private school for six years and my school would take us to pro-life events and even went as far as to give us fake fetuses. I was shown videos of abortions as well as people going undercover at Planned Parenthood. My school itself had a pro-life club who would go down to the local Planned Parenthood clinic, invade people’s privacy, and pray,” the student said.

It is undetermined as to whether or not this bill has been passed. But let it be known that having an abortion can be both the hardest, and easiest decision a woman can make. And although everyone is allowed to have their own opinions, this is something that should be respected as it is truly something incredibly personal.