A man uses an e-cigarette. (Photo courtesy of Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)
Carson High School

Opinion: Pens and stalls — vaping in school bathrooms must end

Student use of vapes and marijuana concentrate wax pens on campus has gotten so out of hand.

Some schools are now closing restrooms and doing regular check ups to make sure students aren’t abusing the excuse to get out of class to pee in order to actually go and use their vape or wax pen.

The accessibility of these devices are so common that almost any high school student can get their hands on it.

It’s also making the other students uncomfortable. All they want to do is use the restroom and mind their business, and instead they have to worry about these vapers or wax pen users either peer pressuring them into joining them, going back to class smelling of it or catching second hand smoke. Another worry students have is being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting caught by security with the vapers.

It’s not illegal to vape in restrooms but at school it is prohibited and you shouldn’t do it.

If you would like to do that sort of thing, do it on your own time and in the presence of those who also want to do it. Be courteous and respectful of your fellow students and school property.

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