Summer Walker's album “Over It” is the highest-charting debut album for a female R&B artist in more than a decade. (Ser Baffo / Getty Images for BET)
Carson High School

Opinion: R&B artist Summer Walker strikes a chord among listeners

Look out in the world of music for new R&B singer-songwriter, Summer Walker. In a swiftly growing music industry full of newcomers, Atlanta Native Summer Walker emerges with the raw, soulful energy that R&B devotees live for.  

Although releasing her commercial mixtape, Last Day Of Summer back in October 2018, and an EP featuring Drake earlier this year, she gained a lot more recognition when she released her debut studio album “Over It” on Oct. 4.

The album went to the number one spot in the U.S. R&B charts and sold over 14,000 copies in the U.S. alone. These achievements and music impressed at Carson High School where many students have said to enjoy her music and have many compliments to say about the new album. 

“I absolutely love her voice, it’s so good,” senior Angel Luna said. “I love the way every song of hers has a meaning or an experience behind it.” 

Many have said that her music gives out good vibes and is even relatable to them. For some girls, her music related to them when they need to have a good simp hour. 

“Her music is good ‘simp’ music, I really am relating to it sometimes,” Luna said.

The hot new R&B singer isn’t just for girls who want to have a good “simp” hour though. Many guys love the singer’s chill vibe she gives in her music. 

“Her music gives out a good chill and calm vibe, it is very catchy and makes me feel relaxed,” said senior Nikko Enriquez. 

So if you’re a big fan of R&B music or if you’re out there listening to music and want to feel that chill and calm vibe, you might want to add Summer Walker to your playlist.