Carson High School

Opinion: Senior stress

Seniors have worked very hard to get to the point they are at right now, and with prom, portfolio defense, and graduation right around the corner, their level of stress is increasing.

“The main thing that stresses me out are my grades and the senior portfolio because they have the power to stop me from graduating,” Serena Munoz, a Carson High School senior said.

The amount of stress, not only comes from the work, but also the decisions that seniors will have to make after high school. Many may have questions like “What colleges have accepted me?” or “Which scholarships have I won?” or even “What do I want to major in?”

“I am not really sure about what college is best for me to attend. I have been waiting for responses from colleges and at this point I am willing to go with the first acceptance I receive,” Academy of Education and Empowerment senior Ashlee Arnold said.

Many people deal with many stressful situations differently and some may take the right approach and some may not.

“One thing that I struggle with as a senior is trying to stay on top of all my classes,” Carson High School senior Brady Richardson said. “I personally deal with staying on top of my classes by making sure I am at school everyday on time so I don’t miss any assignments that’s given.”

In order to get things done correctly, you need to plan and prepare ahead of the game. Senior year is the most stressful and important year of high school, but even though there is a lot to be done, just think about the reward that’s waiting at the end of the long journey.