Carson High School

Opinion: Should Teens Wait to Date?

Teen dating should not be discouraged by adults. Some are totally against teen dating, while others are all for it.

Parents that are against teen dating are usually against it because of their own experiences as a teen, and they don’t want what happened to them to happen to their child. Also, some are concerned about their child’s education if they start dating, but if they seem responsible enough to handle both then they should trust their child with their decision.

Many have to realize that teenagers are young adults and, everyone should treat them that way. Young adults should be supported with whatever decision they make. If people constantly tell teens that they shouldn’t be in a relationship so young, they’ll end up rebelling and doing it anyway.

It’s important for teens to experience love at a young age because then they’ll get to know everything earlier. Although, many relationships come with a hard break up, some of them don’t. There are many trials and tribulations when being in a relationship.  Many relationships result in getting married, and the ones that don’t should take that as a lesson because everything happens for a reason.

“Teenagers should wait so they don’t feel that they have to rush into anything,” an anonymous senior from Carson High School said. “I should have waited until college because honestly I’m stressed. Trying to be in a relationship and focus on school is all too much. But I don’t regret being in a relationship because it has taught me a lot.”

Teenagers should not feel rushed when they get into a relationship and if they do then maybe they’re not with the right person. Nobody should be discouraged if they feel strongly about something.