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Opinion: Stan Lee, the Real Superhero

Stan Lee (Lionel Hahn / Abaca Press/TNS)

Famed comic book writer and icon, Stan Lee, recently passed away on November 12 at the age of 95. Lee was the proud co-creator of Marvel comics and his broad imagination inspired a countless amount of individuals.  

“I was absolutely heartbroken by the fact that he passed. Growing up on Marvel, Stan Lee was a name I heard a lot. Now that he’s gone, I’ve realized that he was the real hero all along,” Carson junior Danafe Victorino said.

The news of his death has left fans across the globe devastated, but also worried about the future of the Marvel universe. Lee worked hard to accomplish all that he did, it would be a shame if his life’s work began to be overlooked.

“I hope that his legacy lives on and that the production companies keep his work close to home. What he’s created is so intricate, it should live on forever even if he’s not here to see it anymore,” Carson junior Melanie Lange said.

Stan Lee was truly a man ahead of his time and will continue to live on for all eternity.

The diverse universe and characters that he has brought to life are a memorial to his adventurous animation. We thank Stan Lee for the happiness he has given us. Excelsior! 

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