Carson High School

Opinion: Street art is art

Street art is an open kind of art — it is not reserved for elite artists who can find sponsors and have exhibitions in galleries. This allows artist who would otherwise be unable to show their work, to do so with an unlimited number of audience. It is an art that cannot be bought and stashed away by the rich in their private collections.

It allows people from all walks of life to voice their opinions, whether they are social or political, freely and without fear of retaliation, therefore in controlled environments, it can be a platform for many artists to show their work.

The people of society believe that beauty is found in your appearance, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Street artists believe that just because their art doesn’t sit in a gallery, doesn’t mean it isn’t art. It is creative, unrestricted, and it’s an incredibly diverse and varied art movement. Art is about expression, creativity, freedom, asking and raising questions, protesting, analyzing — for the creative type to get things out of their system.

Art in the street makes people happy; it makes their day and their commute more interesting. It adds character to what would otherwise just be grey and boring. Art reminds people to feel alive. It wakes people up and, it inspires, motivates, and sometimes it can make people think. Street art takes the ‘normal’ and makes it a thousand times more interesting.

Whatever you think, it’s got to be a good thing that people are starting to accept that the creative and talented people involved are seen as artists, not vandals. And that their work, however “urban,” is still worthy of being considered art. People are becoming more open-minded to urban and street art and appreciating where this art form has come from.

It benefits society by creating a platform for dialogue on real issues affecting the set community, it is the only form of art most likely to address everyday problems faced by ordinary people in an ordinary community. Street art captivates, exudes beauty and charisma, is rebellious to a fault, defaces and devalues public property, has been tainted by gang association, is frowned upon, is illegal. The list is endless. And yet, no one can deny that in the right hands, in the right environment, it is a tool useful for building up youths, for exchanging ideas and for making the otherwise voiceless, heard.

Although there are many unpleasant effects of street art, I think that the social benefits are not to be overlooked. Street Art is true a form of art that benefits the artist by allowing freedom of expression without the restraint or critic of rigid art critics. Street art is true art.