Carson High School senior Jonathan Maduike finds a Juice WRLD T-shirt in a local thrift store. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Maduike)
Carson High School

Opinion: The importance of finding hidden gems in thrift stores

Thrift shopping is a way of giving clothes a new life. Not only is thrift shopping a way to save a penny, but it also allows no limit to the creativity in your closet.

From local thrifts to one-of-a-kind boutiques, there is a variety of stores carrying unlimited drip.

My local thrift shop is Goodwill, located on Avalon and Carson Street. However, another reliable thrift store is Savers, located on Western and Lomita.

At first glance, a thrift store can be overwhelming, but as you take time to look through clothing racks it’s easy to find cool clothes with unique fabrics, colors, and textures.

High-end brands and underground designers brands can occasionally be found at the thrift, including Dickies, Juicy Couture, Levi’s, Coach, Calvin Klein, DKNY and more.

When hitting the thrift, a great tip is to be open minded. Never go into one looking for something specific. It also has to do it a lot with style as well. Thrifting has an instant vintage touch that translates to personal style and fashion.

Finding hidden gems is a big reason people thrift. Finding brand new never worn items are the best finds

“My favorite part of thrifting is when I find something really cute and it’s brand new,” Carson High School freshman Anelia Uili said. “When I go thrifting I always try to go with an open mind because you never really know what you can find.”

Many people have never been thrifting but they are open to the idea of thrifting

“I’ve never been thrifting before but i have been wanting to try it out,” freshman Araziel Aranda said. “I think thrifting is cool like the idea of the clothes being vintage like you can find clothes that you can find similar at Brandy Melville also the fact that the clothes are also cheap.”

One of the most rewarding things about thrifting is finding gems. Students at CHS have felt the thrill of finding a significant piece of clothing.

“My favorite piece I’ve thrifted has to be my ‘Terminator 2’ varsity jacket, it’s black and purple, it cost me 10 bucks,” said CHS senior Julius Aguilo.

Aguilo found an eccentric piece that he will cherish forever and saved a buck with thanks to his eye for thrifting.

Thrift shopping may the best way to give a piece of clothing new life for a reasonable price.

Some of these local sites to experience thrifting include Buffalo Exchange, Out of The Closet and Treasure Hunt Boutique in Long Beach, as well as Savers in Lomita.