Carson High School

Opinion: The summer of 2018 had fire music

Over the course of the 2018 summer, weather was warm, teenagers had fun and memories were made. Maybe even more exciting, there were hot new releases of music that dominated both the music charts and the entire mood of summer. As time progresses, however, it’s obvious that music progresses as well, with hip-hop/rap music primarily dominating 24/7. For example, rapper Travis Scott released his long awaited third studio album, “Astroworld,” which consistently stayed at No.1 on Billboard 200 charts. Hip-hop/rap has transformed and is becoming the predominantly preferred genre of people today, and there is nothing older generations can do about it.

The popularity of “Astroworld” is evident, as even Academy of Medical Arts Senior Avishek Prasad raved over the drop, “It’s been announced since the first album he’s dropped, ‘Rodeo,’ and since he’s taken his time on it, it came out as a masterpiece. Every song was produced well, production was on another level, and the features were even better.”

“Astroworld” signifies the new sound of hip-hop/rap and is clearly winning over the public.

“Astroworld” was not the only hip-hop/rap album release of major significance, as the late Mac Miller dropped his last studio album, “Swimming,” in which he discussed his newfound perspective on taking care of himself and persevering through all demons he had struggled with daily — romantically, emotionally and mentally. The incredibly personal album hit No.1 on Apple Music after his passing on Sept. 7, as the lyrics resonated with fans even more deeply. It seems as though the hip-hop/rap music evokes many emotions from the audience, being even more than just a feel-good genre, which explains its success today.

Carson High Global Business Law & Government Senior Nigel Tauta referenced the album as well and what he enjoyed, “I listened to Mac Miller’s album over the summer and had two favorite songs from it!”

However, there are obviously some people who simply do not enjoy the music of today, and they completely disregard all new music releases/drops.

For example, Carson Environmental Science Engineering & Technology Sophomore Jayce Gardea does not care at all for the hot new music as he says, “Music over the years has been less about personal, mind and societal problems. It has only been about love and romance. In the past few months, I haven’t listened to anything new as I’m more of an old head.” This opinion may not be entirely accurate as the issues of today actually are recognized.

It’s obvious everyone has different opinions on music today, but no one can deny the role of rap in music and how it influences society today! With the recent releases of rap albums such as “Astroworld” and “Swimming,” music has taken a new direction. It is undeniable that the shift is prominent as this genre is also being recognized and honored more often at various award shows, such as the American Music Awards, The Video Music Awards, The Grammys, etc. With the rap/hip-hop genre having only been around for about 50 years, it is interesting to see the progress over time and its adoption into mainstream music, with majority of people accepting it.

Although the genre may be a bit too daring and extreme for some, the judgement continues to change every day and soon the genre may be accepted by everyone. Are you willing to accept it?