Opinion: There are too many Disney movie remakes

Many students believe that in this newer generation, Disney is making a lot of profits not just from raising its prices for theme park tickets but for movie remakes and sequels as well. The type of argument can be controversial due to people enjoying the remakes with the the technological advancements and they can enjoy their childhood memories remade. But what if it’s not just about childhood memories, what if it’s more of having too much nostalgia, giving Disney more money than it already has.

In such cases, many say that this generation will not be able to appreciate how the original movies had a special place in one’s heart up until today.

Jesus Rodriguez, a senior from Carson High School, stated, “In a way, Disney is having too many remakes made, and some are coming out in the same year.” He continued: “Nostalgia plays a big role for old movies because people can be blinded by childhood memories, which made the movies feel genuine, and it gets in the way of remakes, since most people believe the original is better.”

In a way, the original will always be better since it was the one that captured our hearts with its originality. Though on the other hand, when “Beauty and the Beast” was released in theaters back in March 2017, many moviegoers enjoyed the backstories from Belle and the Beast themselves, yet you still have added songs, and some characters switching to the other side.

Then the problems with remakes are that Disney is making cartoon shows into movies such as “Kim Possible,” and some fans are disappointed in the cast selection for this movie. Many fans are disappointed in the cast selection for the “Aladdin” movie as well.

Aliah Celis, a senior at CHS, said, “I’m a little disappointed in the characters in Aladdin because of how they look, such as Aladdin and Jasmine. They look lighter than how than how Arabian people actually are. Also how Genie is wearing blue clothes and is not blue.” She added: “Disney is only making remakes because the only stand-alone movie was ‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.'”

The only problem isn’t just originality but quality as well. It always depends on the type of movie that creators are trying to make, but often they tend to make movies without quality. In “Cinderella” for example, the actress didn’t really fit the description as a princess, and it didn’t include any of the original songs.

Tierra Griffin, a senior from CHS, stated, “Some movies can be remade, but others shouldn’t. When they add more to the storyline into a perfectly good movie, it can destroy the whole purpose. The ‘Kim Possible’ movie, no one really wanted it to be a movie, but Disney messed it up on their behalf. The actress does not suit up Kim’s personality and the budget seems too low.”

This year, Disney has a total of seven movies releasing this year and one-third of the movies are remakes such as “The Lion King” and “Aladdin.” They should have a limit of how many movies they release in a year because it might seem as though the company is only making profits instead of investing time to make the movies with outstanding quality.

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