Carson High School

Opinion: Valentine’s Nay — We should love our loved ones every day

Valentine’s Day. A day where kisses are shared, flowers are given, and new love blossoms. Sike. There has been an ongoing debate whether Valentine’s Day is sweet or extra. Many say that it’s a Hallmark holiday, meaning what’s the point of having a day that is supposed to be shared regardless with your significant other or other people you care about. Furthermore, the day is glorified and it’s more rapacious than anything.

“It’s not actual feelings, it’s more materialistic,” said Carson High School freshman Donovan Asberry.

That may be true, however Valentines is not always about your lover. A new study released by the National Retail Federation, says that people are treating themselves to something special, holding a gathering with friends, or purchasing an anti Valentine’s day gift. It’s great how people show their affection on their friends, family, etc. on this day. However, it should happen anyway — not just on this holiday.

“I think it’s somewhat overrated,” said CHS sophomore Tahj Clark. “It’s beneficial if you’re in a relationship, but if you’re not [there’s no point].”

For others it depends. Some people love the holiday when their “taken” and when they’re not they hate it. It’s understandable if you’re single and you’re surrounded by affectionate couples and while you’re by yourself. Nonetheless, you should show people how much you love them on the regular, not just on a holiday.