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Opinion: Why shouldn’t we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays. Most people go and celebrate it with their families. Other people have a tradition that they do every year. Then there are the people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all. We should celebrate Thanksgiving to show that we are thankful for the things we have!

There are different reasons to why people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving — things like religion, or not agreeing with the overall meaning of Thanksgiving. There are also people who don’t celebrate it because of their cultural background. 

According to the Independent, George Washington asked Americans to give thanks for the establishment of a “form of government for their safety and happiness,” celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

Others argued that Thanksgiving was a “religious matter.” Therefore, the government’s establishment of a national Thanksgiving was forbidden by the First Amendment.  

Some people feel like you shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because the food that we eat for Thanksgiving all costs and if your feeding a big family you might not have enough to pay for all the supplies you need.

“It costs a lot of money,” Carson High School junior Semaj Jankins said.

Other students shared their thoughts on why some people do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but students like freshman Anthony Sowell said he just doesn’t know.

Overall everyone has their own different way of celebrating this holiday, but some people don’t agree with this holiday and choose not to celebrate it. 

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