Travis Scott released a compilation album with Cactus Jack Records in December 2019. (Photo courtesy of Travis Scott / Cactus Jack Records)
Carson High School

Review: Travis Scott releases compilation album ‘JACKBOYS’

In 2018, Travis Scott rose up in the charts and became one of the most popular rappers in the game. To back up his fame he brought along a group of friends now known as the “JACKBOYS.”

The only artists in Scott’s group include the three rappers signed to his Cactus Jack imprint: Don Toliver, Luxury Tax 50, and Sheck Wes (in a joint deal with GOOD Music). As roster compilations go, this seven-track sampler spread what few assets it has too thin and hardly makes for a showcase.

“JACKBOYS,” released Dec. 27, 2019, has been titled as a “debut album” for the rap group, but that is clearly an overstatement. There are two Don Toliver songs and one Sheck Wes song.

There is one Luxury Tax 50 verse. Travis Scott fills out the tracklist with a 50-second instrumental and a remix to his recent hit single, “Highest in the Room,” with Rosalía and Lil Baby. “JACKBOYS” is a branding opportunity, pure and simple.

From the Harmony Korine cover art to the promotional film shot as if A24 produced a Need For Speed sequel, it all seems like empty influencer bait. This is music as part of a merch bundle, about as necessary as a branded fire extinguisher, according to Pitchfork.

“I thought the album was cool. The album is super diverse, ” Carson High senior James Dix said. “One song has a soft flow one has a crazy flow. My favorite song is GANG GANG.” 

There were mixed reviews regarding the album and its production. Some students enjoyed the diversity, whereas others expected more from Scott and his group.

“I feel like the album could have been better, there was so much potential with all the good rappers but I expected better.” Carson High senior Adrian Gonzalez said. 


Overall, the album received high praise from students all over Carson. Travis Scott continues to climb the charts as the hottest rapper in hip-hop.