Rubik's cube solving students at Carson High School recently formed a club. (L.A. Times file photo / AFP / Getty Images)
Carson High School

Rubik’s Cube Club brings students together

Students who walk around Carson High School’s campus solving Rubik’s cubes have formed a club. Thanks to the founder Dean Allen with the help of two students Nubia Brooks and Armando De La Torre, the club has kicked off its first year with 50 members.

“The main focus of the club is to bring different kids on the campus together so that we can learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, teach others how to, and just make new friends,” student founder Nubia Brooks said.

It’s starting friendships and also bringing people closer together. With all the members that joined, it seems to be a good icebreaker that allows students to get to know each other and be friends with one another.

“I’ve met a bunch of new kids from the club. About 50 kids have joined and there’s a new face every meeting, so I always meet and talk to someone new. I’ve gotten closer with mutual friends and people around the campus,” Brooks said.

Some of the members in the club have friendly competitions with one another 1-on-1 competing to beat the Rubik’s Cube in a certain amount of time.

“You can learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube in different ways, people are really open to teach you how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, I never solved a Rubik’s cube before but now I know how to just recently,” Zavannah Jackson said. 

Joining clubs can bring out good memories of your high school years. It can help you meet new people and also  bring you closer to ones you knew but barely talked to.