Carson High School

Carson Softball starting off a winning season

Right now, our softball girls are on fire. They just played against our rival team Banning High School on Weds., April 18 at Banning.

The score was 10-0. Their record for League is 5-0. Our girls show passion and dedication into their sport.

“The varsity softball team is doing great on and off the field, We’ve become better players and teammates and created a tight bond,” Carson High School freshman Varsity player Leilani Pulemau said.

Our softball girls have four more games left to go and the goal for these girls is going to the CIF Championship Game. They practice from Monday through Friday with hard work and striving to win every game. Our girls practice plays over and over to get them down and put it on the field. It’s great our girls have a tight bond together, because together they are family.  

“This season I just want to be a good teammate, and have a positive impact on the team,” AEE Junior Varsity Player Taylor Edwards said.

CHS Senior Captains Ashely Wies and Alaysia Pagaling said they were underestimated.

“We saw it as motivation. All our hard work and dedication plays a significant role on the field,” they said.

Our girls will continue to play their best, their next game is against Banning again here at Carson High on April 24 at 3:15. Come out and support our girls play against our rivals and see what they bring to to the table.