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Modern television keeps us woke

The ABC 4th season premiere of Blackish made some people wake-up. Due to the recent event happening in America, I think it’s time for the black truth. During the episode Blackish starring Aloe Blacc, they made sure to clear up the misconception about slavery and American history. One main topic of the episode was “Juneteenth”. June 19, 1965 was the official day of that American ended slavery. Even though we were free we still were enslaved.


If that[June 19,1965] was the last day when slavery ended in the United States,isn’t that really Independence Day? How can we honestly have independence before everyone’s independent, everyone’s free?”,Black-ish creator, Kenya Barris states. 

We can’t make things worse, you know? I think the whole – the way that this happened in the first place is because we have not been open. I just saw an article about the smugness of liberality in this country. And I think that that sort of turned a lot of people off – is that we felt like this was half the country, literally split down the middle, felt a different way.” ~ Huffington Post

The show ‘Blackish’ has always said the things the black the black community is thinking. This episode was much needed especially with American constantly dismisses the positive and achievement of the black community. Kenya Barris explained how America never gave African- Americans the credit they deserved. We built Wall Street, Railroads, Building, and Chapel Hill. He used  Hamilton the Musical and School House Rock  as a music platform,  to tell their viewers about how America got rich off of black slaves.

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