Carson High School

The marathon continues

Jogging or sprinting a lap, some people find a breeze. But running a 24.3 mile marathon many find more than just difficult. It takes days of preparing, a healthy and steady diet, and tons of rest. The Student Run Los Angeles Organization make 10k mile runs look as if it’s a piece of cake. But it’s more of the training that the young runners find difficult.

Academy of Education and Empowerment senior, Sarai Sanchez, said, “To prepare for the marathons I attend practice, hydrate constantly, eat right and recuperate after practice and after our recent marathon.”

AEE senior Jsy Coroado said “We practice ever Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Then as runners we have to get plenty of rest before and after the marathon to be able to prepare and run the next marathon, hydrate ourselves daily and have a steady diet plan and carb load before every run.”

Even though the long marathons run seems difficult and the preparation for them seem stressful. These runners find it yet an experience to be a part of. AEE senior Raechelle Poquiz said “It’s an experience, to be able to run with friends and being able to accomplish a marathon is truly the best part of SRLA.”

AEE senior Adrian Velazquez said the same. “The best part of SRLA is running with the athletes and creating a family. Just to be able to run the marathon with them is truly an experience. This is going to be my third time running, so I for sure see myself in the future still running marathons.”

The SRLA has an upcoming 24.3 marathon on Sunday, March 18 at 7 a.m. hosted by the Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon Organization.