Carson High School

The “perfect date” vs. the “worst date”

Every year, February 14 is the day dedicated to romance, or as we all call, Valentine’s Day. Many people celebrate by exchanging gifts such as cards, flowers, going on dates and having fun. Everyone has a different perspective on the ideal “perfect date,” the “normal date,” and the “worst date.”

Academy of Medical Arts Junior, Mariana Sanchez, shared her idea of a perfect date.

“Going to Giuliano’s to get some chicken alfredo with broccoli then eat it outside. After go to my house watch a good movie,” Sanchez said.

Academy of Education and Empowerment sophomore John James shared his take.

“My idea of a normal date is, picking my boo from her house and get snacks from 7-Eleven. Then drive to my house and throw on some old movies,” James said.

We all have good ideas when it comes to dates, but sometimes things don’t go as planned — the “worst date.”

“The worst date would be farting in front of her, I just have the worst case of the bubble guts. I wouldn’t enjoy the date as much,” AEE senior Omar Hernandez said.

When it comes to dating you can never know what to expect. People should be themselves and you may never know if your date could be your soulmate.