Carson High School

The Rivalry…

The rivalry between Banning High School and Carson High School runs deep, the rivalry dates back to the early 1970s and 1980s when both school’s football programs were on the rise of becoming great.

And since both schools were in cities so close to each other, players from both teams knew one another. To some players and coaches, the rivalry means much more than a high school football game.

Mr. Ruiz or also known as Coach “Goose” who is a history teacher and the varsity offensive line coach at Carson High School said that the rivalry goes back to the “old times.”

“It’s about honor, respect, and bragging rights. These guys been our enemy since day one even when I played here. But for the game, I foresee Banning being emotional up for the game, being prepared, and being ready to face us, but I do believe we are going to come out on top,” Ruiz said.

Coach Arnold Ale, head coach of Carson’s football program and a Carson High’s varsity’s football alumni agreed it’s always about respect.

“It was never about hate because a lot of these kids you played against grew up in the same neighborhood. This game is important because it’s for second place marine league and it determines our placing seed for play offs and which team we would play. I wasn’t at the game where Banning beat Carson last year but as a Carson High alumni, I was disappointed to hear Banning broke the streak. But of course we prepare every game the same as always, mentally and physically and this game will be the beginning of a new streak,” Ale said.

Carson High’s football program had a 16 year winning streak against Banning which started the year 2001, the year before that was the last time Banning beat Carson which was December 9, 2000 in the city-section championship ending in a score 13-10.

Until Banning finally broke the streak against Carson last year leading at a score 29-19.

Senior Jenson Misa’alefua AEE, varsity football player and captain who played against Banning last year states

“It was a good game last year, I just feel like we were out coached, we had talent but they had more talent, overall they were just the better team that night,” senior Jenson Misa’alefua AEE, varsity football player and captain who played against Banning last year, said. “This rivalry means a lot to me, not just because I am playing against them but because they’ve been our rival for generations. It reminds me of my dad, how he always talked about it when he played for Carson back in the day and how big of a rivalry it is. But for this upcoming game, I feel we will be dominate and in the future I hope to lead my team to a city-section and state title.”

Carson High also had six football players that transferred from banning earlier in the year before the season, one of those transfers were senior Sultan Moala CHS.

“It’s kind of weird for me because I was on the other side the past two years before transferring to Carson but for me it’s important because Banning was my old school and since I left people have been criticizing and saying rude remarks about me. So it’s a way to get back at them not by talking but by showing them on the field and playing hard. As far as my performance, I just want to play hard and stay focused,” Moala said.

Carson High swept Banning in a leading score 55-7.

Overall from the looks of it, Carson and Banning will continue to be rivals from here until whenever time ends it. Since this is the colt’s last seasonal game before play-offs, the colts are looking into this as a personal game.