Carson High School

Two jerseys — 20 years of greatness immortalized

A sports story, written by Anthony Gharib was published Dec. 22, 2017.  I read this letter about the great career of Kobe Bryant and some of his greatest moments and lowest moments. The letter was well written, very emotional and descriptive. The letter also consists of the writers perspective on Kobe and his great moments and how Anthony grew up watching Kobe, that Kobe is the Michael Jordan of his era.

Anthony states in the letter “he was the Michael Jordan of my era, the greatest player I have  ever watched.”

The writer of this letter is very descriptive on his feelings and how he felt throughout Kobe’s career.

For example, “while watching the jersey retirement ceremony, it felt surreal. It felt like I was living out of a dream.”

Another example is “I cried when he was walking off the court in Boston when the Lakers got blown out of the NBA finals in 2008.”

I think being emotional and showing your emotion is good to involve, but when you keep saying how u felt it kinda gets old.

Anthony lets us know how he felt but not to much which is just right. I also liked how he put bad moments in Kobe’s career and just everything good that happened. So the moments were not just so one sided throughout the letter. He used some rhetorical questions in his letter which was good and also the conclusion was great.  

“One more moment that will make me go berserk. One more moment that will leave me thinking, how in the world did he just do that? One more moment to cherish and never forget. And one more moment from the greatest basketball player of my generation, and the greatest I’ll ever watch.”

This was the perfect ending.