Participants gather at the ABCUSD district office to listen to students who share their experiences. (Photo by Joshua So)
Cerritos High School

ABC Unified School District students march against racism

A group of student protesters started their march Friday from the Cerritos Library. They passed by Whitney High School and ultimately arrived at the ABC Unified School District building.

The nationwide Black Lives Matter movement, reinvigorated by the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, has resulted in a wave of ABCUSD students sharing their experiences of racism online and calls for the district to do more to fight racism.

Friday’s protest was primarily organized by Whitney High School students Anastacia Estrella and Grace Gutierrez.

Estrella and Gutierrez said they demand a more inclusive school curriculum to the culture of Black people and people of color, including in-depth coverage of the Civil Rights Movement and literature from authors of color.

Estrella and Gutierrez have also sent the ABC Unified School District a document containing more details.

As the protesters began their march, the peaceful crowd was escorted by police who assisted in blocking off traffic. Chants of “Say his name,” “say her name,” and “no justice, no peace, no racist police” were echoed throughout the group as they marched.

Along the route were helpful volunteers handing out water, snacks and other replenishing items. Once arriving at the district office, there was a time for students to share their experiences, started off by Cerritos High School student William Reed.

In response to recent events in general, the CHS administration issued a statement condemning violence and racism and announcing three student sessions hosted by the counseling team, the first of which occurred yesterday.

As of now, students await a response from the school district. Present during the protesting student speeches at the district were district officials who came to listen.