Chaminade High School

Chaminade loses first league game to Serra, 30-28

On Sept. 23, the Chaminade Eagles traveled to Gardena to take on the Serra Cavaliers in the first league matchup of the season. Every year, the rivalry between the Eagles and the Cavaliers produces a very close game. This season it happened to go in Serra’s favor.

Serra took the lead early with a field goal, but Chaminade answered with a 47-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Brevin White to Michael Wilson for the lead. Serra answered with an 80-yard run to take the lead back. Serra extended the lead, 23-7, into halftime. The Eagles struck with force behind TJ Pledger’s 45-yard run for a touchdown. Both teams continued to battle but the Cavaliers came out with the victory at home 30-28.

In the first half, Chaminade senior defensive back Jahlil Pinkett had two interceptions hoping to give the Eagles momentum.

“We as a defense got three turnovers in the first half. We gotta work more on capitalizing on those turnovers,” said Pinkett.

Chaminade struggled in the first half but they came to attack in the second half.

“We were playing scared, we should’ve come out stronger but we didn’t and it bit us in the butt,” said Pinkett. “We can only go up now. We can’t take any more losses. We can’t win league with losses.”

Wilson caught eight passes for 113 yards and one touchdown.

“I had some dropped balls but I made the big plays when it counted,” said Wilson. “We’ve got some things to work on. First game of league, we made some mistakes. We just gotta take this and learn from it and hope next time we will come away with the win.”

Wilson has been producing big numbers for this Chaminade offense and is continually putting points on the board for the Eagles.

“It’s big for me especially because last year I wasn’t given the opportunities I am this year so I’m just trying to capitalize on the opportunity that is being given to me,” said Wilson.

Chaminade Coach Ed Croson felt the biggest reason for this loss was the game in the trenches.

“They gave our young guys fits with those big guys on the line. I think that was the main thing. So they’re gonna have to grow up early in this league,” said Croson.

In the third quarter, Chaminade senior middle linebacker Kyle Bilchick went down with an apparent left knee injury.

“We lost one of our senior leaders and who knows for how long,” said Croson.

Join us for the next Chaminade Eagles game in West Hills where they host the Loyola Cubs on Oct. 7 at 7 p.m.