Chaminade High School

The Spring 2016 Chaminade PromeNade

In order to be a successful businessman or woman, one must be meticulous, knowledgeable, consistent, and responsive to customers.

In order to adopt these characteristics, Chaminade College Prep business students are given yearly opportunities to gain hands-on experience in business environments. Small opportunities, that may seem inconsequential at times, can lead to a bright future.

Chaminade students who are in GEL (the Global Economic Leadership course) take advantage of opportunities provided by the Eagle Business program in order to work toward their future goals of becoming entrepreneurs. GEL students are trained in areas of finance, accounting, marketing, and management in order to provide them with an edge in the business world.

To provide business students with experience, teacher and Eagle Business Director Aron Gideon created the PromeNade – an opportunity each spring for his students to gain personal experience collaborating with others to write an original business plan, build a company, sell products, and share their experiences with the rest of the class after the last entries in their financial statements are tallied.

After interviewing many popular companies at this event, all Eagle Business students said that GEL prepared them for this outdoor marketplace experience held behind the home football bleachers on April 21 and 27 after school.  The class has also taught them how to design flawless cover pages and resumes, prepare for face-to-face interviews, and apply lessons in moral leadership.

Peter Yu, a transfer student from China, brought a piece of his culture to the PromeNade by creating the Dumpling Factory.  Through his struggles in marketing the Dumpling Factory, he claims to have grown as a businessman. By introducing American students to his authentic dumplings, he offers customers a fresh taste of China.  In only two days of sales, Yu made hundreds of dollars in profit through returning customers.

One of Yu’s toughest competitors was another company that sold foreign food, Chef Jeff’s aMAIZEing Corn, run by Nick Romero. Inspired by an “elote” (Mexican corn) stand on the street, Romero created a company that customizes elotes with different salts and sauces, fit to customers personal taste preferences.

Unlike Yu, Romero had no trouble marketing! In front of his company’s location was Jeff Kim dressed in a giant corn costume wearing an apron that read “Kiss the Chef.”  By having a giant, human corn in front of his location, he was able to attract a lot of customers due to their unique presentation of the company. Romero really emphasized the “life skills” he learned from taking Global Economics and how the course has prepared him for college and job applications.

The PromeNade is a learning experience for business students as well as a social opportunity for non- business students.  Student customers were able to pursue the wide variety of stands that offer entertainment experiences, clothing, accessories, and even video conversion services. By doing so, they supported their fellow classmates and opened doors to meeting new people. The Eagle Business program has created an event that all Chaminade students look forward to.

–Brittany Pakfar