CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts

My message: Make college as affordable as it is desirable for middle class students

Dear future president,

While you are dealing with foreign entanglements and clashes between parties, please remember who will soon be taking over the work force. Bear in mind that there are boys and girls and those in-between with great aspirations who cannot afford to pay for the realization of their goals.

Each year, college is becoming less of an exciting challenge and more of an impossible necessity. Middle class girls whose families lie between the poor and the wealthy are unable to flourish. As someone who is not rich enough to pay the thousands of dollars for education, yet not underprivileged enough to receive sufficient financial aid, college is an overbearing weight.

Debt is the concrete poured on top of a garden before its seeds have time to grow. $1.2 trillion is not an acceptable number for national debt. Student loan debt should not be a socially acceptable burden. As we pay for an education we yearn to receive, remember that we are the future. We need to grow.

As the leader of our country, you must let us learn.


Josie Winslow

CHAMPS Charter

Los Angeles, Calif.