CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts

My message: Make sure that my children will be able to live on my planet

Dear future president,

Throughout this campaign season, I do not feel that plans for improving our planet’s environment are not being discussed as thoroughly as they should be. Many scientists have confirmed that the rise in global warming has affected the melting ice caps, caused a decline in Arctic animals, influenced the drought, and contributed to the terrible air quality. These extreme weather conditions affect children, elderly people, pregnant women, and people with disabilities. I’m sure you have a loved one who falls into one of these categories.

I want to know that the beaches I have spent my childhood at will not be filled with toxic algae. I want to know that the precious animals will not suffer the consequences of death because all of the ice caps are melting. Instead of pretending that these problems are not as important as the rest, it is up to you to create better environmental laws, and to enforce of these laws in order to protect the planet we all love.


Jaelyn Negron

CHAMPS Charter

Los Angeles, Calif.