CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts

My message: Stop the hate

Dear future president,

There really is only one thing I want to ask you to do when you enter the Oval Office and take the seat as the president of our country. Stop the hate around the world.

I am a Persian-Jew born in America and I am proud of who I am, but too often I feel frightened to share my pride with others. I love Israel and I am proud to call myself a Jew. However, these days, there is a lot of hate and lies being spread about Jews and the state of Israel. Constantly, I feel like I must keep quiet about my pride and that I must silence my passion for who I am.

What I am asking from you, is to help our country learn more about the countries around us, and learn to stay away from unnecessary hate and resentment of others.


Jasmine Nejati

CHAMPS Charter High School

Sherman Oaks, Calif.