CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts

My message: Your ZIP code shouldn’t determine your education

Dear future president,

I think that more attention should be put on education to make it equal throughout the country. Places like Louisiana and Mississippi in the South have education that isn’t on the same level as other states in the country. I lived in Louisiana from 2010 to 2015, I could see that the smaller towns and areas didn’t have the same type of classes available. I knew someone who couldn’t take an advanced class because only five people were chosen to take the class online and the names were in the beginning of the alphabet, which wasn’t a fair system and gave those people an advantage over the others.

After leaving Louisiana, I moved to New York for a year and could see how the advanced programs that certain students were in, were classified as general education in New York. It made me realize that depending on where you live, people can generalize your level of intelligence. They don’t take into account that people aren’t born a certain way, they have to be given the opportunity to be more than what’s expected of them. Education in New York and Los Angeles is different from Louisiana because students are given more opportunities to excel in certain subjects and challenge themselves with honors and advanced placement classes. These opportunities allow for students to have advantages over others that don’t have the same types of options offered.

There should be more opportunities available for students in places that don’t have the best education systems so that they can have the same advantages as other students. Their level of education can affect the universities and jobs that they apply to later in life. Some places just don’t have the resources, which can include funding and access to qualified teachers, to offer the same level of education. People should have the access to a quality education, regardless of where they live because it can affect the quality of their lives in the future, and the contributions they can make to society.


Michelle Ryaboy

CHAMPS Charter High School

Los Angeles, Calif.