CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts

To my fellow ‘unaccomplished’ 2018 seniors

Hah! Graduation is coming up! Class of 2018 can finally leave the haunted, horrible and hellish grounds of high school.

While many are elated with joy and the wondrous future college has for them, some are uncertain of what higher education may bring while others are tired of school altogether.

It may or not be common for someone to feel unaccomplished or that they’ve failed this part of their life.

That feeling is all too familiar, especially within the last three months of high school where college decisions started to deliver cries of joy or tears of sadness. The feeling could possibly be found in the person who is ashamed to be going to community college or simply the person who sees their old friends on social media celebrating the end of high school merrily.

It feels awful, doesn’t it? These last few months are filled with comparisons! Checking in on how John Doe is doing? Did he get into Stanford? Oh, is he graduating with high honors? Look at his accomplishments… Mine aren’t as grand.

If this is happening consistently, then turn off your phone for a good 24 hours (maybe even more).

While it’s only natural to compare yourself to others, you have to remember the events and experiences you’ve went through. It’s these unique thoughts and individual experiences that make you special. Those badges other people wear signifies their accomplishments. Yes, it may be daunting.

It’s so easy to slip and think that they hold more value than you but there is so much more that is not tangible that makes up who you are. Whether it’s the simple knowledge of history you learned that one time in class, or that one phase you were into Kpop and decided to learn Korean, those are your accomplishments, those are your characteristics. You don’t need a medal to validate your success.

It’s easier said than done, to choose not to compare and to look at the brighter things when the entire school environment right now is celebrating.

But to those who feel unaccomplished right now, to those who feel like they failed. It’s okay.

You’re not alone.

You’ve got so much more to come, and trust me, when I say you have accomplished many things these past four years.

If you turned out different than your 14-year-old self, then you did do accomplish something.

You grew.