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A new taste for Apple

The newest update on Apple products was introduced to the public on Sept. 12. This update not only consists of internal and external changes on the famous iPhone design, but also an update in the highly praised operating system, iOS.
iOS 11 reveals a whole new multitasking function for the iPhone. The most noticeable change to iOS 11 is visible in the control center. According to The Verge, the unforgettable iPad has also received major updates, “Apple has introduced an app dock that’s available no matter what you’re doing with a quick swipe up, so you can get to your most-important apps quicker. It also changed the way that multitasking works, giving you more flexibility with split-screen apps. And you can now drag and drop content between apps, a feature that takes some finger Jiu Jitsu, but is remarkably powerful once you get used to it”.  The updates to the iPad have been long awaited for Apple fans. The criticisms surrounding the very first iPad stemmed from its lack of multitasking ability and the lack of a camera. Although these issues with the iPad were fixed long ago, the iOS 11 update resolves the multitasking dilemma that frustrated iPad users before.
Commenting on the iPhone X’s drastic changes, Andrew Milazzo, senior, said, “I have the iPhone 6, and it works perfectly fine. In the end, it’s just a phone.” He says this because of the new facial recognition features present in the X’s design. Andrew did say that he liked the glass body of the new phone because “it has a nicer aesthetic than the phones in the past.”

Although the X does incorporate a new facial recognition system, Andrew said he does not anticipate purchasing the phone because it is overpriced at nearly $1000. Ethan Kruse, senior, agreed with Andrew about Apple’s pricing and does not intend on purchasing the new phone because of its price.
Diego Perales, senior, continued to criticize Apple’s newest release when he said, “I think the update is a bad attempt to substitute innovation with confusion. By confusing the user, it makes it seem new and interesting, but they did it poorly. Also, Apple is highly overrated and has only been this way since the passing of Steve Jobs”. From a teenager’s perspective, Apple needs to work on its pricing model. Although the criticism of Apple’s products is high, there have been attempts made by Apple in the past to configure a device that is cheaper than their other phones. The creation of the iPhone 5C was an attempt to create a less costly phone.
Forbes predicts the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, currently available and prices at $699 and $799, will be short-lived because of the hype from the X version, available Nov. 7th. As in the past, Apple has not only updated the display of their three new models, but also has progressively improved the camera quality of the iPhones. Forbes.com said, “It’s easy to overlook the under-the-hood improvements made in the mass market iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, both of which represent a major photo quality upgrade.”
Diego said, “Apple is cheap and behind the competition with technology and also has horrible pricing for their products.” However, the updates on Apple products continue and venture into new grounds for technology.

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