Charter Oak High School

A night in masks — Prom 2018

Featured in Carrie, Geek Charming, High School Musical 3, Prom and Radio Rebel, prom continually makes an appearance in pop culture. Prom has become such a significant aspect of American high school tradition that it is often idealized in movies and TV shows.

If someone were to ask, “What is your favorite high school memory?” some would say the Friday night football games or the pep rallies. Others would say the day they got accepted into their dream school or the day they aced a test.

But for some, prom is the most memorable night of their high school experience because of the tradition that proceeds it.

“Seeing all of my friends dressed up and looking nice are my favorite aspects of prom,” senior Azad Nalbandian said.

The night promptly began at 7 p.m. at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. Students were lined up ready to go inside the long awaited dance. Vice principal Dave Trask and principal Joey Strycula gave each student a breathalyzer test as a precautionary measure, and then students presented their student ID to the teacher checking them in.

The feathered mask was a perfect centerpiece for the masquerade theme.

Once students entered, the masquerade theme was obvious and well executed. At each table lay a turquoise mask and feathers that fit the theme perfectly. The lighting and decorations made the night feel as if it were a masquerade. However, only a few couples wore masks. This year the dance was on two floors: the dance floor, buffet and majority of tables were downstairs, and more tables and an excellent view of the dance were upstairs.

The buffet food was not the most exciting, but the dessert bar was fun.

As the doors opened, the buffet lines immediately filled up. Although there was a smorgasbord of food options, most of the food was just okay and not the best. Personally, dessert was my favorite.

After about 30 minutes for eating, the DJ finally opened the dance floor up, and a crowd of people swarmed the brown tiled floor. The music played was as expected and somewhat underwhelming. However, the DJ was engaged with the audience and clearly made an effort to make the night fun. Because the dance floor was large, large circles formed awkwardly around one or two students in the center while the students at the perimeter merely watched.

At the beginning of the dance, male students aggressively pushed other students on the dance floor; however, that quickly stopped when it was noticeable that people were uncomfortable.

Outside on the patio, another long buffet table and karaoke were set up.

“Karaoke was the only fun part of prom because the music being played inside was somewhat boring,” senior Ethan Cruse said.

Many students went up in groups and sang their favorite songs while the crowd encouragingly danced along even if the students’ singing was not the best.

“My favorite part of prom was watching my friends sing karaoke,” senior Clarisse Guevarra said.

After three hours passed, the King and Queen were announced. Lou Farrar won Prom King, and Doaa Elafify won Prom Queen. Both students danced together in the traditional King and Queen dance, and then the DJ played the first slow song of the night. After the one slow song, the music quickened its pace again.

At 11 p.m. the D.J. announced the ending of the dance, and seniors’ last prom came to an end.