‘A Quiet Place’ review: Silence in a movie

Known for his role as Jim in “The Office,” John Krasinski shows off a new side to his growing career in his new movie “A Quiet Place.” Not only is he casted as one of the main characters, but Krasinski is also the director of this silent thriller. This new movie genre uses silence throughout the sequence shown that a movie does not necessarily need sound in order to be a hit.

This movie has received a lot of praise since its debut. Whether its fans who love Krasinski that went to his film or its the horror fans, this movie expanded the representation of the deaf community.

Brian Tallerico of Rogerebert said, “With his script, co-written by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, Krasinski wastes no time. We see a family—Krasinski plays the unnamed father, his real-life wife Emily Blunt plays the mother, and Noah Jupe (‘Suburbicon’), Millicent Simmonds (‘Wonderstruck’), and Cade Woodward play their three children. The eldest, the girl, is deaf (as is the remarkable young actress who plays her). A title card says it’s ‘Day 89,’ and we can tell we’re in a recently-post-apocalyptic world.”

Senior Azad Nalbandian said, “I like this movie because it was way different than any other movie I have ever seen. I liked how sound and the lack of sound was instrumental in the plot of the movie.” Azad said he thought this movie used sign language in an appropriate way.

Jaylee Cortes, junior, is a member of the American Sign Language class and also praised the movie for its use of ASL. “I really liked how the cast and crew actually knew how to sign properly because most movies don’t use sign language correctly,” Cortes said.

Another aspect of this move that viewers really enjoyed, is acting. The entire cast, including the child stars, did an amazing job evoking their sense of fear. Another movie on Netflix, “Hush,” features a deaf girl alone in the woods. Netflix uses a similar concept to Krasinski where sound design is the most important aspect of the movie.

One of the most suspenseful moments in this movie was the birthing scene. Emily Blunt plays a pregnant women throughout the entire film and there comes time where she need to give birth to her baby. The audience is in suspense because everyone knows if she goes through with this pregnancy she will surely scream. The director uses careful set design to craft a scene where she can birth in a safe area.

Throughout this film, silence is one of the most important virtues in the film and it serves as more than just an aspect of the movie but also as a serious plot device.  

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