Ceanna Dieta and Gabriel Sanchez are working for different companies.
Charter Oak High School

BETA program takes Charter Oak students to new challenges through internship

Four students from Charter Oak’s BETA program have recently started interning for different companies. Ceanna Deita and Abigail Kalin, seniors, will be creating a mobile app for a florist company in Kansas City, while Gio Carrillo and Gabriel Sanchez, juniors, are interning by testing video games for a company that is trying to release these games next year.

The students will only be given $25 to complete their assignment, but are gaining significant experience. Carillo and Sanchez are working with ctelearning.com. To work on the apps and testing, the students video chat with the companies they are working with.

“It gets a bit stressful being a student and an intern, but it’s still exciting,” said Deita.

Interning for these companies is helping the students prepare for the future.

“This is something I see myself doing in the future; I want to be a video game designer,” said Sanchez.

The students have not done something like this before or for a while because they took a mobile apps design class back in first semester, so they have to work on their skills to freshen them up a bit.

“I am a little rusty, but I am still confident in my skills and won’t let it stop me,” said Deita.

It is a good thing that this is their passion because it takes up a lot of their time. They even get to work on their projects sometimes during class. Some of their teachers are also a little easier on them because they understand the difficulty of balancing school and interning.

To prepare for these tasks, they took first semester mobile apps design, and some went further and passed the certification exam. Many students outside of the BETA program are very nervous about entering the program because they are not familiar with coding or other things that BETA does.

“Coding may seem intimidating, but it is not as hard as people think,” said Deita.

The BETA program has been supporting all the interns who are in the program. The BETA website posts what the interns have been up to. The website also likes to post pictures of the interns while they are working hard on their projects.

“If you find an opportunity, take it,” said Sanchez.

–Elisha Priddy