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Charter Oak High School holds first ever International Fashion Show

Every year, Charter Oak High School’s Unity Club hosts a Unity Fair in the spring. I’ve been a part of the club for three years and it’s one of my favorite extracurricular activities. Planning an event with my best friends who are all involved in our school’s multicultural clubs is such a rewarding experience.

This year, my best friend and I were the co-Presidents for the club. After a year as co-vice presidents, we were ready to throw one of the best dinners our school had ever seen. As part of the fair, each cultural club on campus typically puts together a performance and sells food from their region. This year, we wanted to do something extra, something that had never been done before.

In the fall, we began to hold monthly meetings to plan the dinner. At one of the meetings, a friend suggested we hold an international fashion show. It was an idea that instantly intrigued us.

On the day of the fair, we had about 30 people showcasing outfits from all over the world. Before walking down the runway, the emcee read the model’s name and a bit of history behind the outfits.

We had students wearing outfits from all over the world, including Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam and Samoa. Students got creative as the French Club sported berets and mime outfits. Both traditional and modern clothing were modeled. It was something that widened the perspective of the students involved.

In the end, Unity Fair did exactly what it was supposed to: it brought people together over good food and good music. I sometimes feel as if apathy in teenagers is increasing, but the Unity Fair always restores my faith in the enthusiasm of our generation. 

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