Charter Oak High School

Charter Oak Unity Fair

On April 27, the annual Unity Fair was held in the COHS gymnasium. Unity Fair is an event that is held in order to represent the different unity clubs that are offered on campus; this year, the theme was “What A Wonderful World.”

Some of the unity clubs are Asian Unity, Filipino Unity, Spanish Club, French Club, Indian Unity, etc.

The night was full of performances from the clubs, as well as different types of foods that represent the culture of the club. Each of the clubs had their own booths where the food was served and people paid in tickets rather than money; the cost was $5 for six tickets.

“This was my first time going to Unity Fair and it was a great experience, I would definitely go again. My favorite part was all of the food options that were offered; everything was really delicious,” sophomore Mary Messih said.

The food that was offered was made by each one of the clubs. Spanish Club served a full meal with tamales, rice, and Spanish bread, Asian Unity served fried rice and boba, French Unity sold crepes with Nutella, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream (one of the most popular food items of the night), Sign Language gave out homemade cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries, and Rice Krispie treats, and more delicious food from different clubs.

“This was my first year going to Unity Fair and it was an amazing experience. Overall, the best part of the night was working the Asian Unity booth with all of my friends there with me,” sophomore Marissa Gonzalez said.

The food was not the only highlight of the night, the performances from different clubs were very interesting to watch as well. The clubs either did a song, a dance, or another routine that represented the club that they were in; there was even a fashion show which included members from all of the clubs.

The clubs weren’t the only ones that performed, Advanced Dance did a Mexican Hat Dance, and Advanced Choir Ensemble sang the National Anthem and other songs during the night.

Megan Doan, Co-President of Asian Unity and sophomore, said, “This was my second time going to Unity Fair and it was a great experience. My favorite part overall was performing in our dance with other members of our club.”

At the end of the night there was a special finale that featured everyone that was involved in making the Unity Fair come together. It was a special dance, choreographed by Audrey Canoy, senior and Co-President of the Unity Club Board, to the song of “What a Wonderful World.” At the end of the dance, each person waved a flag of a different country to represent everyone coming together as one. Overall, it was a great experience, and hopefully there will be another one next year.