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Charter Oak’s Aaron Narag shining brighter

Aaron Narag has impressed Charter Oak with his math skills. Here he is smiling in front of Calculus posters. Picture taken by Cindy Mendez

The new student of Charter Oak High School has already been creating his legacy. Aaron John Narag came from San Francisco to the humble city of Covina. He began his senior year with high hopes and determined dreams.

He is famously known among peers for his incredible math talents. Currently, he is taking AP Calculus with Mrs. Plecas and AP Statistics with Mr. Nichols. The AP Calculus teacher, Mrs.Plecas, praised Narag for his math abilities.

“No matter what the concept is, it makes sense to him,” she said.

Throughout calculus, he has been able to maintain the top score in the class with a 99.57 percent. Furthermore, Mrs. Plecas is known for giving out “bombs” to her students. A bomb is a small decorative paper in shape of a bomb; it holds the name of the top student. To receive a bomb you have to be one of the top three students to score on a test, only then is the student able to staple it to her wall. In the spring, Aaron Narag has received a total of 5 bombs. How does he do it? Mrs.Plecas found the answer.

“What makes him different from the others is that he seems to enjoy learning, which is rarely found in a math class,” she said.

During his sophomore year, Narag realized his love for physics.

“It led me to the direction I wanted to go,” he said.

Ever since he took AP Physics, his dream has been to make an impactful contribution in that subject. However, he has confessed that he has always found math easy; his math skills are natural to him. After drilling the work a few times, he is able to pick up the material quite easily.

One of the secrets to his success is that he enjoys math.

“It is like a puzzle,” he stated.

Narag’s favorite math subject is real-life world problems.

“Learning how the world works and figuring out formulas to life,” he stated. “It is cool.”

Looking into the future, Narag wants to major in mechanical engineering. His goal is to get a doctorate in physics. He plans to attend Cal Poly Pomona this upcoming fall.

How can math help in achieving his dream?

“Calculus will give him a good foundation to be successful in engineering,” Mrs. Plecas said.

Outside the classroom environment, he spends his time outdoors. Some of his favorite hobbies are biking and running. He admits that in his free time he likes to solve 3D puzzles.

“They are very entertaining,” he confessed.

In addition to being an excellent student, he is humble and kind. During his free time, he tutors students struggling in math.

Narag is a math star who is shining his way out of Charter Oak. We wish him the best of luck for the future.

–Cindy Mendez


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